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Is anyone else watching?

I just finished the second book and started the third, so my experience with this season is a little different. Last season, it'd been a couple of years since I'd read the first book, so it was far enough removed that I didn't catch a lot of the differences. This season not so much.

First off, I just have to say that I'm sad to see that they've incorporated Jojen and Meera's storyline into Osha's character...or it least it seems that way for now. I mean, it would make sense that Osha would see Bran as a warg, but meh...Jojen and Meera are two of my favorite characters as of now. I'm not sure how that storyline will play out in the future.

I think it's interesting that they've got Arya as Tywin's cup bearer. It adds some intensity, and it cuts out plot points that are easy to adapt around. I don't see it affecting the progression of Arya's storyline, really. I think as an adaptation it is standing up. There's a lot of set up in the book with battles and whatnot that', not my cup of tea and that doesn't make for great television.

I'm not sure why they've made the changes they have with Dany's storyline though. Uhm, I don't love the Dany chapters. She's not one of my favorites, but at the end of the last ep I was a little like...wait what? I can see what they're doing,b ut I don't think it's super necessary.

I guess my point is really that I think I enjoyed last season more because I was more far removed. At this point, I'm more eager to get back to the books (which I'm about 100 pages into the third now) than I am to see the show each week.

Still loving the look of it though. And I'm still, overall, happy with the casting. I mean, I haven't read the whole series. I'm not so invested that I'm going to freak out if one little thing is off. But I'm glad it's been renewed for a third season!
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