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My interactions with comic book heroes has mostly been through cartoons and movies. I can't say I was encouraged to seek out the comics as a kid, but I was never discouraged from being all about X-Men and Superman and Batman and the Hulk and the Flash. And as it turns out, I tend to have issues with the ink used for comics hurting my eyes/giving me headaches. And there's that pesky think with having a birth defect that makes know, hard. ANYWAY...

D and I were talking about comics adapted to tv and movies and our favorites, and we both loved The Flash as kids. He wants me to write a Mad Men style/era Flash movie. Uhm...ok, sure, I'll get right on that. It would be cool to see, though. But comic book history daunting.

And this brings me to the part where I mention that I finally saw Thor. I'm not gonna lie, y'all, I didn't love The Avengers. It was entertaining, but I wasn't like OMG BEST MOVIE EVER!!! I hadn't seen Thor, though, so I was like "Uhm, why are the super heroes and the Transformers fighting over the blue all-spark?" Because, I'm sorry, but visually that's what I got from it. But I did love Thor and Iron Man and Banner/Hulk. More plz. So, I made D rent Thor.

Again, I wasn't wowed, but I so see the reason people write slash. And I really loved the visuals of Asgard (though, Thor's armor looks better in Avengers and his merry band of friends just was awful) and what was going on with that part of the story. The only thing I needed from the earth parts was Stellan Skarsgard, yes plz.

Then D and I had a discussion for hours about how we would have cast the movie. It mainly revolved around Odin, since neither of us think Anthony Hopkins is the right choice. My vote was for Jeremy Ions or Geoffrey Rush. I know Odin is the All Father, but Hopkins' voice is too fatherly, and he just looks too old and plump. I picture Odin as having a voice more like Rush or Irons and looking weathered, thin and commanding. Idk. It was a VERY SERIOUS discussion.

And in the end, that's how we got back to the Flash. I know...I'm so late to the party here. But I want more Tony Stark/Bruce Banner. Right now.

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